"Since beginning my training with Bryan in August of 2012 I have experienced an incredible increase in my overall performance. We discussed what goals I wanted to achieve physically and professionally and his personalized workout program attributed to my most successful season as a professional basketball player. I would recommend Bryan to any high level athlete or athlete who is serious about becoming high level." 

-Adam Constantine, Power Forward
Professional Basketball Player
Bulgaria, Sweden, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Israel

As a parent of a baseball player who has worked with Bryan for over four years, it’s clear that Bryan is interested in developing the ‘whole person’.  By focusing on proper technique, challenging workouts, injury prevention and proper nutrition, Bryan has has been successful in laying the foundation for him to play baseball at the college level. In addition, Bryan has served as a mentor and leader, helping our son to balance performance on the athletic field, and in the classroom.

- Jenny and Jeff Hibbard
Parents of Will Hibbard
Pitcher, Denison University

"My time with Bryan was informative, challenging, and most of all fun. Bryan individualized a routine to help me achieve my goals (400-pound squat and 200-pound snatch) while at the same time teaching proper biomechanics so I could be as efficient and effective an athlete as possible. His teachings and cues are now a staple of my routine and I have since reached my desired strength milestones, became a more well-rounded athlete and less injury-prone. Above all else, I appreciated Bryan's willingness to go beyond our in-person sessions to research new exercises, pass along informative articles/videos, or prescribe at-home routines to ensure we maximized our time together. Any individuals seeking to reach new heights in their sport of choice, improve their personal fitness level, or trade in their current routine for a fresh approach to training should without a doubt reach out to Bryan for coaching."

- Josh Morton
Crossfit Open competitor

"My time training with Bryan changed my life. I walked into his gym with injuries he’d have to work around and a bit out of shape, but a desire to get stronger and more flexible. I had six months to train for the biggest adventure of my life: walking away from a job to go surf and travel for twelve months.  I wanted to be as strong as possible for surfing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, and any other thrill life might throw me on the road. 

I walked in with a loosely defined goal of getting stronger. Bryan helped me to narrow down what I wanted to accomplish and then he tailored a routine to fit my abilities, limiting factors and goals. His positive attitude and coaching background kept me focused and got me through tough sessions. Six months later I walked out of his gym stronger and more mobile than ever. His strength coaching is top-notch and I’d recommend him to anyone committed to improving their physical ability."

- Matt Rieman

"The results I saw from working out with Bryan were unbelievable. I saw a substantial increase in overall strength, which definitely carried over to increased performance on the baseball field. My velocity was improved as well as my mental strength. What I was really impressed with was the variety of workouts. It seemed as if we were always doing something different. Bryan pays a great attention to detail and was sure to make sure that I was performing the lifts the correct way. I really enjoyed Bryan’s workouts and attribute a great deal of credit to him for my success on the field."

- Tyler Robinson
Assistant baseball coach, Brunswick Community College
Former RHP, Brunswick Community College and Elon University

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