Bryan sets specific, measurable goals for every client and spends every second of each training session helping them become stronger, faster and more explosive so they can dominate their sport.

Following an initial questionnaire and movement assessment, clients receive a personalized training plan designed to fit their individual needs. Programs can include as few as 1-2 or as many as twelve sessions per week. 

Bryan offers several training models works best for their goals, location and schedule. Call or email for availability and rates.

Semi-private training
Semi-private training is a great option for individuals looking to train alongside like-minded athletes and build camaraderie. Clients with similar goals and ability levels train in groups of 2-4 and create a safe, cost-effective and enthusiastic atmosphere.  

Private training
Bryan works with a small number of clients one-on-one in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.

Program Design
Clients looking for an effective training plan but cannot train on-site receive a personalized 8-week  program that includes mobility, strength and conditioning instructions.

Online coaching and consultations
Clients who live outside the triangle work with Bryan through phone consultations, email and video analysis.

For more information email or call (919) 564-6870

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