Friday, October 4, 2013

Jim Wendler on Toughness

I recently wrote about toughness after reading Jay Bilas' book and meeting him in April. Since then, I've been looking deeper into toughness and strength sports by asking teammates, friends, colleagues and clients a simple question:

What makes a strength athlete "tough"?

They've given great answers, so I'll be sharing them from time to time on the blog.

"Toughness isn't really synonymous with strength sports (or any sports). Yes, for young athletes (kids), sports are the BEST way we have to develop some important attributes that can help develop them as people. Toughness is one of them. I have written about this many times in 'non lifting' articles I have written as well as other 'non lifting' books.

But really, toughness requires some kind of adversity. There is no real adversity in a very controlled situation such as lifting weights or sports. If you believe there is adversity and toughness shown, thank whatever god you pray to because you have lived a blessed life."

- Jim Wendler

Jim's athletic resume includes division I college football, an elite powerlifting total, the 5/3/1 training system and a wealth of fantastic articles at EliteFTS, T-Nation and

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