Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mark Cannella on toughness

I recently wrote about toughness after reading Jay Bilas' book and meeting him in April. Since then, I've been looking deeper into toughness and strength sports by asking teammates, friends, colleagues and clients a simple question: 

What makes a strength athlete "tough"?

They've given great answers, so I'll be sharing them from time to time on the blog.

What makes a strength athlete 'tough' is their willingness to push past zones.  It is easy to give up or back off, but the ones that are as tough as nails truly never give up, never surrender and constantly look for ways to succeed with insurmountable odds against them.

I have trained with a few that are like that and it is impressive.

Having anyone in the gym like that is what makes coaching fun and pushes everyone if they have any drive at all.
-Mark Cannella
Mark's worked with numerous high level weightlifters and recently traveled with Holley Mangold to the London olympics (she tore a tendon in her wrist but still finished tenth). Mark also led my USAW certification course last September, and it was a privilege to learn from a world class coach. 
To learn more about Mark and his work, visit the Columbus Weightlifting Club's website.

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